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July 15, 2013

Well, that’s one way to get your internet problem solved

by Janie Jones

For neigh on 5 years I’ve had spotty internet service.  I’ve been fighting an on going battle with my local provider trying to get them to actually send someone out to check the wiring.  They always find some other excuse for my spotty service and things work for a few months so by the time I have trouble again they are on to a new problem and putting off my request to send someone to the house once more.  Finally, after many years of consternation, the internet company had no recourse but to send the oft requested repairman to the house.

As it happens, Friday night we had a rip roaring, good ol’ fashioned thunder storm.  And apparently at some point in the small hours lightning struck our internet cable out at the pole.  It blasted the cable and melted the whole darn thing.  Luckily Leif had been having one of his infamous insomnia jags and was up to unplug and disconnect all our electronics so nothing in the house was damaged.  Unluckily we had to wait two and a half days to have the cable replaced.

Two and a half days with no internet!  It was brutal I tell you.

Anyway, when I placed the service call “Habib” was all set to ask me to check this and to check that, when I said, “Look, the cable was hit by lightning.  We have no service.  There’s nothing to check.  Someone has to come out.”

Brilliantly, Habib deviated from his script to say, “Are you to be being very certain it was struck by ligthning you say?”

“Yes, It is now lying across the ground in our back yard and the end that was connected to the pole is melted.”

“Oh,” says Habib, “Then it is to be being very certain that it was the lightning as you say.  We will schedule a technician to come out.”

Thank you!!!!!

So the guy was out by lunchtime today but it was quite the ordeal to get it fixed.  After some attempts to patch the burned out and melted cord, a new one was hung; after drastically trimming the tree that grew into the line over the years.  Apparently the repair guy told Leif that the cable was probably older than we were.  And after 5 years of trying to convince the internet company we had a dodgy connection at the house, we now have a whole new cable and -surprise, surprise- nearly top drawer service.  Well better late than never I guess.

Thank you Mother Nature for frying our internet and nothing else.

Oh, and I was going to regale you with more tales of my trip south, but I had no internet for two and a half days.  Now, however, it seems the urge to blog about it all has passed.  Maybe later.