Who needs and alarm clock when you have a Rupert

by Janie Jones

It’s 4:08 am.

I have been awake for over an hour.  I meant to get an early start, but this is not exactly what I was thinking.

Rupert has this urge to do dog business usually between 3 and 5 am.  This morning he decided it would be 2:50 am.  I tired to convince him to hold on for another hour and a half, but dog bladders recognize no cajoling.

I returned to bed and was then treated to 10 minutes of gross mouth sounds as Rupert gave himself a full body tongue bath before dozing back off to sleep.  I however, lay tossing and turning for an hour feeling every lump in the mattress and worrying about forgetting something to the somewhat less than dulcet tone of deep, rumbling dog snores.  I finally decided I might as well officially get up and get an even earlier start than originally planned.

Thanks, Rupert.  It’s a good thing you’re so cute.

Oh, what’s that?  The darling mutt is now grunting disdainfully at me for turning on the light and disturbing his beauty sleep.

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