Gratuitous Fashionista Foot Shot

by Janie Jones

Back in the day of cameras with film, a friend of mine always would finish off a roll of film with a picture of her feet.  It became a big silly tradition and eventually was dubbed “The Gratuitous Foot Shot.”  We all tried to out do each other, which is why I have a photo of me standing barefoot in the snow which occasionally makes an appearance on my blog header.

Anyway, there is a new generation of fancy footed fashionistas to take gratuitous foot shots of:

fashionista 002

This is a hallmark photo of the spud not only as a new generation gratuitous foot shot model, but also as it’s the her first pedicure and her first pair of “grown-up lady” high heeled sandals.

It’s also her first “high fashion” coiffure:

fashionista 007

This is the “dress rehearsal” mani-pedi-hair-styling session prior to her daddy’s wedding next week. She was all excited to have her nails done, but not so much about the hair. We tried to convince her it was beautiful, but she insists she doesn’t like it and cried. Then once she was excused, she announced she was going to “wash off” the nail polish. When I explained you don’t wash off nail polish, you need special nail polish remover and I wasn’t about to get it out and scrub off glitter nail polish less than an hour after I put it on, she got all weepy again.

I suggested she wear the shoes a bit around the house to get used to walking in them, so she wouldn’t look like a pirate on his first day with a peg leg, but she took them off and said she didn’t want to wear them anymore.

I guess she’s got daughter-of-the-groom wedding jitters.  Or I guess her calling is not going to be as a fashion model after all (much to my relief).


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