Good grief, was I giving away something for free and no one told me?!?

by Janie Jones

I have a rather humble blog in terms of followers.

I like having followers, and those I have I consider more like modern pen-pals, like friends.  But, I only have a handful, and I’m okay with that.

Still, it is kind of flattering and exciting to see my hit counter make a big jump.  Who has been reading me?  Have I got any new fans?  Did any new people find my mixture of snark, bitching and whining and general weirdness interesting enough to come back?

Mostly the answer is no.  And the huge jumps are probably spambots or something.  But, one does have to wonder why last Thursday, June 20th I got 47 hits.  Which is about 37 more than my average.  Considering I’m able to really only boast a regular readership of 6-8 blog friends, and even my spam queue can go weeks without anything in it, that’s a pretty huge jump.

Maybe I was being snooped.  Maybe the NSA is on to me.  Maybe a brooding, sunflower munching, Mulder-esque G-Man is cruising my blog in search of possible anti-establishment sentiments, dissent, corruption, zombie preparedness and bad grammar.  Once upon a time that might have seemed paranoid.  Nowadays, no so much.

3 Comments to “Good grief, was I giving away something for free and no one told me?!?”

  1. It’s time to pull out the tin foil.

  2. Have you looked at your stats page for that day? Maybe there was a particular search.

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