It’s Greek to me

by Janie Jones

The closest I’ve ever really come to Greek food is Greek Salad from Panera and Gyros sold out of a food truck at the county fair.  But, man, those sloppy things are good!  And, now living in the Great White North we have no Panera, so what’s a Janie to do?

Get to cooking of course.  Although, lamb is precious apparently in the Great White North.  But at least this time of year the salad fixings are good quality.

Lambburger 002

So this is my version of Greek food.  A salad with feta cheese and kalamata olives and a breaded lambburger patty topped with tzatziki sauce.  All it was missing was Leif’s amazing pita.

Unfortunately, my breading scorched a little, but they still tasted delicious, and the meat inside was a nice medium and so juicy.  Yummy.  Man, I wish lambburger was easier to get a hold of up here, I could eat this all the time.


One Comment to “It’s Greek to me”

  1. Well, I happened to notice your post right before lunch. So, I’ll dream about Greek food, while I eat my sammich.

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