I’ve been stupidly stuck on this all morning

by Janie Jones

Something that really gets my goat is people who try and blame me for their mistakes or misunderstanding.

At precisely 8:15 am (according to my cellphone) a call rang through.  I was still in bed, enjoying knowing I didn’t have to actually get up for anything particular today.  But, I get so few phone calls, that I’m generally too curious about who’d be calling to let it go to voice mail.

It was our Preferred Auto Mechanic.  You see, on Tuesday we dropped the Buick off for the first round of it’s minor major expense repairs.  PAM says to me he’s having a problem with our car.  Apparently he can’t get it to start.  At all.

I’m not concerned.  This particular model of Buick has this asinine anti-theft safety feature where you can’t start the car unless you go through this particular series of things while turning the ignition key.  I find it pretty pointless and irritating, because it seems to me that it already has an expensive specialty key with a microchip in it that you have to have to start the engine, and if there’s some serious car thieves out there, I’ll bet they’ll find a way to outsmart this feature with or without a key.

Any way, I try to explain this feature to PAM.  I also said I’m sorry, I guess he didn’t get the info because we had to tell his assistant about this procedure on Tuesday so the assistant could drive the car to their storage lot.  Assistant was seen actually starting and driving off in the Buick so said assistant did have said information.

PAM says to me in a somewhat snotty tone I didn’t much like while half awake at 8:15 am, “Well, that’s not what I was told about how to start the car.”

Like it is actually possible for us to lie to Assistant and have him still be able to start and drive the car.

Mmm hmm.

Sounds like you ought to be less snotty with me and get with your guy who has been seen to actually start and drive it.

Well now that I’ve shared, maybe I’ll be able to let it go.



2 Comments to “I’ve been stupidly stuck on this all morning”

  1. The polite response is: “I’m sorry. I thought everyone involved understood the starting procedure.”

    The impolite response is: ” Surely you didn’t call me at 8:15 on my day off to tell my you’re too stupid to start a car?…..and you’re a mechanic shop?”

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