Haven’t we visited this malaprop before?

by Janie Jones

I’ve been given extra summer hours on campus doing a big project scanning course syllabi to an external hard drive so they can get rid of some 20+ years of paper files.

It’s a pretty low key job and a much easier way to make a buck than any I’ve had recently.  I can mostly make my own schedule.  I have my own key to the office and can come and go as I please.  If the work gets done, no one asks questions.  I’m set up in the copy room, which is a large area with a lot of, well, copiers and other computer equipment, but as the school operates on a skeleton crew during the summer it’s a virtual ghost town.

So I sit for about 5 hours two days a week which is about all I can tolerate at a stretch because even I get sick of that much quiet and solitude, and, well, let’s face it, scanning documents is not exactly mentally stimulating work.  Which is proved by how the mind wanders:

There’s a course called Nutrition and Exercise.

However, every time I come across a syllabus for this class my brain sees:  Nutrition and Exorcism.

I blame that student last semester who first confused exercise with exorcise.


5 Comments to “Haven’t we visited this malaprop before?”

  1. Exercise? Excorcise? They both are nearly useless attempts to get rid of demons, such as large quantities of coconut cream pie.

  2. 😀

    Have you got a radio to pass the time?

    • Oh, sure, I have my MP3 player or my phone, but there is something marvelous about the sound of silence. You see, at home there is music from the moment the spud and Leif rise from bed until long after they return to bed, for often it gets left on whether anyone is listening or even in the house…. More often than not I find myself listing to music I don’t want to hear because someone else turned it on then left the room.

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