Making up for lost time

by Janie Jones

So, it appears it’s been well over a week since my last blog.  Sorry if I left you hanging with the intimation of impending food poisoning.  I actually have been fine, at least in respects to that quarter.

I’ve just been busy, too busy to blog, too busy to read blogs.  I’d like to say I’ve been busy doing a lot of nothing, but then that sort of is the opposite of having been busy isn’t it?  But, there’s really no sense boring you to tears with a blow by blow of my past week’s goings on.  Oh, who am I kidding, you’re getting the blow by blow.

I’ve been offered extra hours working on campus two days a week.  It’s a pretty easy job so at least on that score I have no complaints.  Yeah, surprising isn’t it.

I’ve been prepping my yard sale.

I’ve had company for 4 nights running. Fun, but exhausting.

Leif and the spud went to Kansas.

The spud stayed on to enjoy the hot humid horribleness of south western Kansas summers and the life of a farm girl.  She’s wading in the kiddie pool, naming baby llamas and feeding chickens.  She is quoted as saying as Leif got in the car to head back to the gloriously clean, cool air of the Great White North, “Tell Momma not to worry about me.  I’m fine.”

Leif returned to help with the yard sale and to bring up a new car.

Wh, wha, what!  Did you say you got a new car?  Yes.  That’s right.  My little red tuna can on wheels has officially been retired.  But don’t get too excited for me.  Leif’s mother bought us a “new” car meaning now we have two running, reliable vehicles, but the “new” one, a Buick, is still 13 years old.  And covered in Kansas farm grit.  And the windows don’t open.  But, once I invest the profit from selling my little red tuna can on wheels and the garage sale to a good detailing and a few minor, albeit expensive fixes, it ought to serve us well.  Even if it rides so low it takes not one, not two, but 4 foam pads and a huge throw cushion to boost my stumpy self up high enough to see over the steering wheel.  Luckily for me, Leif, being the tall burly Viking he is, is much more comfortable in the new vehicle than the Jeep, and he’s magnanimously agreed to essentially give up his Jeep to be the primary driver of the Buick.

And, Leif has found his dream house.  It’s actually a 5,000+ square foot 1920’s era brick school house on 40 acres.  The house is in foreclosure and has been sitting empty a long time, but at one point some investor bought it with the intention of turning it into a bed and breakfast so some areas are partially remodeled and others are still pretty rough.  I think the theme of the bed and breakfast was going to be King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table on Acid.  Run with it, you likely will not be half wrong.  It has a “secret garden” overgrown in the back and a barn for animals and a pond.   We’ve been on tenterhooks the last couple weeks as there’s been a lot of back and forth between the realtor the bank and inspectors.  Leif has put in a bid, but as it needs a fair amount of TLC, he’s not willing to pay a fortune for it.  So, time will tell how badly the bank wants to unload this bizarre property.  I am afraid if the deal goes through, and I’m afraid if it doesn’t.  Basically, as with so many things in my life right now, I feel like I’m riding a huge wave, out of control and hoping I don’t drown but instead land safely on dry land soon.

The spud will be home next week, so I have just about 7 days to get the rest of my poop in a group and finish the last tidbit of “A Stranger In a Strange Land.”  I think you’d all be cheering me on just so I’ll stop mentioning it in all my posts.

So, now you’re up to speed.  And, I think I’ve finally caught up on reading all your blogs, too.


2 Comments to “Making up for lost time”

  1. Hurrah!
    now I’ve lost count, but you get the message!
    Good times, Janie

  2. It all sounds positive so, hooray! As Speccy might say 🙂

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