A peek into the future, and for this city girl the view is pretty comical

by Janie Jones

So, Leif, hoping the deal on this new house goes through, is already day dreaming of having his own farm.

He wants to keep goats.  I think they’re icky, but he really likes them apparently.  He thinks they’re neat pet animals, but he’s also interested in them for their food value; as in goat’s milk, goat cheese, and of course, meat.

Just a few minutes ago he comes into my room where I’m working away at my computer and the following conversation ensues:

Leif:  So I know this seems out of the blue, but I was reading about roasting goats-

Janie busts out laughing.

Leif:  But that’s not the funny part.

Janie keeps on laughing.

Leif:  The funny part is that it made me think of you.

Janie stops laughing.

Leif hurries along:  Which made me think of tzatziki sauce and how yours is always runny.  Which lead me to reading about how to make it not runny.  You take a coffee filter and put it in a colander and then put the sauce in the colander and the excess water will drain out.

Janie:  Well, I think it’s funnier that you were reading about roasting goats in the first place.  That’s not a topic of conversation offered up between most Americans.  Now I know what my future holds if you get this farm:  a lot of atypical conversations.

Leif:  It gets weirder when you call the house to ask what’s for dinner and I tell you I’m throwing a couple of kids on the grill.

Let’s just hope that’s one conversation the NSA doesn’t take out of context….


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