Visualize: Janie undecided, should she smack palm to forehead or scream obscenities?

by Janie Jones

So, this morning summer school started at Local College.  For those people who were lucky enough not to have their classes cancelled anyway.

Seeing as I am still working as a teacher’s assistant, I put a push in last week and got all her online course materials loaded for the whole summer.  She put a push in and loaded the tests and, just a half day shy of the opening of the first day of class everything appeared to be ready to go.

Did you catch that little word “appeared?”

Local College has been on this “upgrading” kick with the online classroom platform they use.  This is the 2nd change in the last year.  And for some reason unfathomable by those of us minimum wage Joes, they always do the update the day before a new semester starts.  So there’s no time to test drive it, so to speak.

And, can you guess what my problem is?

That’s right, the dumb thing doesn’t work.  Students can see their lecture notes, their worksheets, and other materials, but they can’t download them and print them.  Kinda hard to do a worksheet you can’t write or type on.  Furthermore, some things they can read, but Microsoft Word and Power Point documents don’t format properly in the online classroom, so they lose important illustrations and there’s problems with new paragraphs starting in the wrong places, missing indentations or outline formatting, etc.  It’s a blooming mess.

What’s more, the chain of reporting a problem has to go through people who have no idea what the problem is or the importance of the problem.

This is going to be interesting.


2 Comments to “Visualize: Janie undecided, should she smack palm to forehead or scream obscenities?”

  1. Obscenities always work 🙂

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