I’m seriously thinking of opening a Paypal account so people can donate to the Buy Janie Jones a house fund

by Janie Jones

So, yesterday, after some tears and some moping, Janie and Leif went virtual house shopping.  Rental prices are brutal, but every now and then someone in worse straights than us (I find that situation hard to imagine, but apparently it happens) goes bankrupt and has their house foreclosed on them.  Then the bank sells them for next to nothing.

The point being, Janie found two houses in the Big City advertised for less than two years worth of my pathetic wages.  Janie keeps a reserve fund for emergencies, so I can pay 3-4 months rent in the event of lack of income.  So, if Janie puts all her assets on the table, she is only short about $2000 of the asking price on one of the houses.  In Euros that’s about 1550, and in pounds that’s about 1325.  The other she’s short about $4500.

But then Janie would own her home.  Paid cash.  No mortgage.  Just the thought of it makes me heady.

I haven’t even seen any photos of the places, but I know the neighborhoods, they are only a few blocks from where some of my Big City friends live and although thoroughly lower middle class and student housing, they are relatively decent areas.  Of course, for those prices they are probably run-down, dilapidated old shacks, but if I buy one it would be my run-down, dilapidated old shack.  If the foundation is good, though, even a dilapidated old shack can be a diamond in the rough.  Besides, Leif knows a thing or two about electrical wiring, his dad is a retired HVAC guy and Leif has a plumber friend that owes him money.  So, I figure I’ve got most of the home renovation angles covered.  And, I am not adverse to doing some remodeling work myself; I can rip out carpet, demo walls, and paint and wallpaper like the best of them.  I’ve re-shingled a house, I’ve refinished hardwood floors, and I’ve dug up 80 year old rosebushes that had roots solidly wrapped around China.  Granted, that was when I was young and stupid, but many argue that I am still stupid.

Did I mention, I’m only $4500, or less, short of paying cash for my very own house?

A woman can deal with a lot of crap if she owns her own home free and clear.

Hence, panhandling for the remaining few grand is looking like a fabulous idea.  I don’t even need the lottery if I find a good street corner and a ratty old piece of cardboard to write my “loosing my home, need money to move” sign.


5 Comments to “I’m seriously thinking of opening a Paypal account so people can donate to the Buy Janie Jones a house fund”

  1. There’s a website where you can ask for money and ordinary people donate. I can’t remember what it’s called. Two separated sisters got money to meet up.

    Might be worth doing some research…

    • Hey thanks Tilly! I was mostly joking, however, I am also getting desperate. I did some poking on my own and found a similar site. I will keep your suggestion on my mind. I just have this horrible hang up about begging and accepting charity. I can’t help but feel like I should be responsible for myself, and if I can’t get where I want to be by my own hard work then I don’t deserve better. It’s been soul crushing enough as it is to have to take Public Medical aid and Food Assistance from my local government. And the scholarships I’ve “won” make you stand up in these award banquets and tell your story. I feel like no matter what I say it always boils down to: “I’m a poor miserable wretch who hasn’t got what it takes to take care of herself and her kid and has to beg from those of you who’ve got your act together.”

      *Sigh* I wish I could get over myself. I know the whole “no man is an island” bit, but I guess I just have a way over-developed sense of self responsibility.

      Anyway, thanks again. You are such a considerate and helpful person!

  2. LOL! Thanks again, Tilly. I will try to see it your way! 🙂

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