I think I need to start playing the lottery

by Janie Jones

Going to town yesterday turned out to be a lot of fun after all.  Despite the crappy weather, I love the Big City.  Stickittoyou University is located there.  It sits on a hill over looking the big lake.  When I got laid off and decided to go back to school I began flirting with the idea of moving to the Big City.  But, it is expensive, and I do really love the house I live in now.  Plus, with Leif living with me, we have a very affordable situation.  Which is good, because being a full time student is expensive and the pay sucks.

My landlady, though, has forced my hand.  By next summer I have to move out as she wants to sell the house I am in, and I can’t afford to buy it, and even if I could there’s really very little chance of me ever finding a good job up here again.  It’s po-dunk-ville in this neck of the Great White North.  So, when I am done at Local College getting my math credits and a few undergraduate science credits, I will be moving much closer to the Big City if not actually in it.

I am really looking forward to getting back to Stickittoyou U.  But even when the weather is crappy, I really like being in the Big City and I really, really hope I can live there and make a permanent home there.  I would like nothing more than to live there the rest of  my life.  I dream of owning a cute little cottage, like the one I have now, or similar in scale, on the hill.  Once I finish school, and hopefully have a good job, I can spend weekends walking on the lake, visiting my friends and having gelato in our favorite Italian restaurant, and perusing the bookstore and eating cheesecake in it’s coffee shop.

But, until I’m done at Stickittoyou U, I’ll be lucky to find a tiny efficiency studio for the price I pay to live in my current house.  At least I’ll be closer to the University and all my favorite places.  And yet, while I may be inching closer, it feels like the dream remains on indefinite hold while my living circumstances degrade.  Even while I hope it will be temporary, it will be 3-5 years before I finish school.  That’s a long time for being temporary.  Unless I win that lottery.

Maybe I need to get me an Irish Better.  Come on, Fido!  Dog-Mom needs a new house, and a education!

Poor Rupert.  Don’t feel bad.  Dog-Mom still loves you, but you would like to have a nice yard to poop in next year, wouldn’t you?


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