I just realized something

by Janie Jones

For the first time in at least two years, maybe more, I’m actually caught up on my magazines and reading the current month.

What is weirder is the irrational moment of panic I experienced when I thought to myself, “Oh crap.  This is my May issue.  I don’t have June yet.  I have nothing to read when I finally have time.  Oh crap.  I have time now and I have nothing to read.”

I managed to stop myself panicking by remembering I have a huge pile of books I’ve been accumulating for the last, oh, maybe two years, that I mean to read on holidays and the summer break between school.  Then I panicked anew thinking, “Oh, crap, how much money have I spent on all these books I’ll probably never have time to read?  Oh, wait, I have time now.  Oh crap!  What should I read first!”

Then I finally made myself laugh and said, “All these books will have to wait.  First I have to blog and laugh at myself some more.”


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