The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

by Janie Jones

So, the Good.  My sore throat is finally little more than normal sore throat sore.  Hallelujah!  On the plus side, I now know what it feels like to swallow broken glass.  On the other hand, I think I could have comfortably lived my life without that little tidbit of knowledge.

On to the Bad.  I only managed a 75% on my chem final exam.  I am thoroughly bummed.  I studied my ass off for that test.  The only way I could have studied more is if I wasn’t choking on my own spit that was too painful to swallow.  Now my final grade will depend on whether or not Chem Prof curves the grading scale, and if he does, how much.

Finally, the Ugly.  We have snow predicted for tomorrow night.

So what’s a girl to do?  Post a photo of her dog.

April 2013 009Rupert is modeling his summer look, bandana sans sweater.  I think he was simultaneously mad we denuded him of his dapper winter look, and relieved that he wasn’t boiling in his own argyle.  We both, however, are bummed that just as soon as my throat feels better the storm clouds roll in and it’s no fun now to sit in the gazebo when the weather is cloudy, windy, wet and only 47 degrees.  Dog Mom, Rupert says, I need my sweater back!


One Comment to “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

  1. Rupert looks as though he’s tired of cold weather, too.

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