It’s gonna be a bright sun shiny day.

by Janie Jones

Okay, probably not really.  We’re forecasted rain, but the weather is warm, so we can still have some windows open and enjoy the fresh, albeit wet, spring air.

My throat, even after 4 doses of antibiotics the size of New Hampshire, still is extremely painful when I swallow, but I am done with my chem final exam and have 3+ weeks where I am left primarily to my own devices.  It feels very good my friends.  Very good.  I still of course have to work, I need to get the summer writing class set up for my boss, and I plan to start my Trigonometry work, once I get the syllabus from Trig professor, but both can be done on my schedule which is insanely liberating.

Hence no matter what the weather is today, no matter the fact that it feels like I’m swallowing broken glass when I do so much as swallow my own spit, today feels like a bright sun shiny day.




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