If finals weren’t bad enough

by Janie Jones

I have made it to finals week.  Surprisingly, my Advanced Algebra class has gone very smoothly.  And, pretty much no matter what I get on the final I’ll have an A in the class.  Yay for me!

My Chemistry class on the other hand, has been very difficult this semester.  I don’t think my chem teacher really explains things very well, and so while I’ve limped through the semester I’ve only scored a C and two B’s on our exams.  What’s worse, is that he’s having a cumulative final, so all that stuff that I missed on the tests before is likely to do me in again on the final.  Especially when you consider some of that stuff from the first few weeks of class I haven’t used since.  While I’m trying to figure out how to pull off a decent grade on this final, chem teacher provides no review materials or lecture.  So, I show up to our last class with an 8.5X11 sheet of paper filled with questions desperate to get some help.

I know I’m complaining.  I know I’ve complained before.  But, I find it very frustrating to have to take a final on the same materials I bombed on before when there’s been no real attempt by the professor to help you learn what you didn’t understand.

And, while I’m complaining, I have developed a raging sore throat and earache.  The day before my hideously stressful cumulative chemistry final exam.  You know how distracting it can be when swallowing is excruciatingly painful?

But, all complaining aside, I still liked the class.  I wish I felt more confident about the materials, but the other students in the class were great, and I know I’m not the only one struggling.  Chem teacher has said he will probably curve the class.  So there is still hope for my GPA, it’s just I really want to know the material.  I don’t want to just get by.

So, that’s what’s new.  When I’m not at the doctor’s office this afternoon getting my throat swabbed, I’ll be studying rate constant calculations, trying to keep straight the difference between strong oxidizers and strong reducers, how to calculate the amount of vapor pressure needed to force a gas to a liquid and other fun chemistry tidbits.  I’m hoping that once finals are over I might be back to blogging.  I do miss it and I do miss you all out there who read this mess.


3 Comments to “If finals weren’t bad enough”

  1. Well,I hope you do well.

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