Spring fever

by Janie Jones

In the great white north it is not uncommon to still have snow in April.

We had several big snow storms this month, and in fact, the Friday before last we had so much snow the night before they canceled all classes.  We still have great mountains of snow in places.  But, we also had warm enough weather yesterday to ditch our coats and scramble over the remaining snow and take a lake walk.  Then feeling the fever still burning, I bought the spud a replacement for the new bike she got last summer that was stolen.  I shouldn’t have spent that money, but it felt so good to all saddle up on our bikes and find places on the local bike trail that were finally snow-free.  There were even a few “high adventure” moments where we had to walk the bikes over snow and ford a huge raging rapid of snow melt across the trail.

Today the community has a huge “white elephant” sale at the arena building which is tradition for us to attend.  It’s kinda the kick-off for garage sales for the season.  We all love a good treasure hunt.  The weather looks as though it will remain “spring like” for the next few days and spirits are rising.  I hope that the feeling lasts.  Happy spring to you all, too!


One Comment to “Spring fever”

  1. You sound more cheerful! Fresh air, exercise and a little spending seem to have done you some good.

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