Today would be a good day to go right back to bed

by Janie Jones

Spring break has come and gone and some how I feel more tired and miserable than before.

I don’t want to get up.  I want to stay in bed and read something dreamy all day so I can avoid the real world for as long as possible.  But I drug (dragged? my brain is on strike) my sorry behind out from under the covers admirably 15 minutes early with the best intention of burying my want and doing what was necessary.

Always with the what is necessary.

To behold, that the predicted snow storm did blow in.  I like snow.  I like living in the great white north.  But today, facing the added snow shoveling, bad roads and a long day of school almost brought me to tears.

If you are the praying type, might I beg some positive prayers today?  I won’t allow myself to climb back into bed, but I could use a little help facing my day without a cloud of misery and despair enveloping me.


3 Comments to “Today would be a good day to go right back to bed”

  1. All misery and despair are banished from your day. Enjoy it.

  2. Thanks guys. I am indebted to your kindness.

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