Things that irritate me:

by Janie Jones

Using those finger pads on the laptop instead of a mouse.

I always buy a wireless mouse for my laptop.  Unfortunately, my mouse is apparently eating cheese elsewhere right now.  Likely still in the TV room.

If this sounds strange, there is a logical thread behind these thoughts.

We bought a Roku box a while back.  Almost two years now, I think.  Some of you may recall my languishing over the decision to do so.  Anyway, that is a different post and one not particularly worth reblogging.   Our Roku box stopped playing Netflix last year when we had internet problems which resulted in the purchase of a new modem.  Of course Roku says it’s not their problem, Netflix says it’s not theirs, and our cable company says it’s not theirs, but if we upgrade our modem to the one they endorse instead of the cheap replacement I bought they might be able to help us.  But, I digress.

Now, in order to watch Netflix instant plays, we have to plug my laptop into our TV.  It doesn’t seem perhaps like a big deal, but it is.  Since I started school my computer is my life.  I use it for nearly everything, homework, organizing my tasks, the spuds school stuff, checking messages, communicating with the world, blogging.  Our TV is downstairs and the computer has to be moved, along with the mouse and the cord.  Every time we want to watch we have to unplug and replug everything.  Then when we are done it has to be put away.  Sometimes my settings get mixed up.  Sometimes my memo board disappears.  Sometimes it’s just like borrowing your shoes out and someone wears their foot depression in them so they never fit just quite right again… somehow things just change when more people than me use it.  So, it may not seem like a big deal, but it is to me.  Especially when I need the computer and other people want to watch TV.  And when my cord or my mouse accidentally get left behind when the computer is returned to my desk.  After a year of whining about the problem, I have finally done something about it.  Yesterday, we ordered a new computer just for entertainment purposes.  But, it would seem in the next several days while we wait for the new computer to arrive I must still be plagued my mouse-less computer use.

I must look hysterical constantly reaching for a mouse that isn’t there.


2 Comments to “Things that irritate me:”

  1. I don’t know about looking hysterical, but you certainly sound it 🙂

  2. We certainly have become dependent on our technology. If we can’t laugh at ourselves because of it we’ll probably cry. 🙂

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