The Lament of Miss Non-Sequitur

by Janie Jones

The spud is wailing and gnashing her teeth over story problems when she suddenly blurts:  “I wish I didn’t have thumbs!”

Me:  What did you say?

Spud:  I wish I just had 4 fingers instead of having thumbs.

Me:  You wish you didn’t have thumbs?

Spud:  Yeah.  If I didn’t have thumbs I wouldn’t have to do this damned homework.

Somehow the spud is not cheered by the fact that my math homework (which also happens to be story problems this week) is way more undecipherable.  Here’s my math problem that is making me wish I didn’t have thumbs:

A department store sold $1026 worth of shirts.  One fifth of the shirts sold for $18.  The rest of the shirts sold for $24.  How many shirts did they sell?

The answer is apparently 45.  Don’t ask me why, I’ve been stumped by it for the last 5 days.  Damn my accursed thumbs.


6 Comments to “The Lament of Miss Non-Sequitur”

  1. yes, that problem makes no sense.
    Who needs thumbs anyway?

  2. Why did only one-fifth of the people buy the $18 shirts? The others have too much spare cash, in my opinion.
    Ask Spud how she’d give someone a thumbs-up.

  3. Or thumb a lift when she can’t afford a car because she didn’t do her homework 🙂

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