Did someone say pie?

by Janie Jones

Pot roast is one of our winter favorites, and since the purchase of my awesome flea market roasting pan, we can make a big one with lots of accompanying root veg.  Oh, and naturally a vat o’ gravy.

So we were sitting at the table feeling satisfyingly bloated with roast eying the leftovers and someone said something about the leftovers possibly making a delicious pot pie.  Well, once that was out there, it had to be followed up on.  And a few days later I promised to make a pot-roast-pot-pie.  Leif went rummaging through the freezer for frozen pie dough, but alas, there was none.  So with a sigh I decided to go it the old fashioned way and make the crust from scratch, a thing I hadn’t done in many a long yeaMeat Pie Babyr.  While contemplating which recipe to use, Leif excitedly suggests I try a recipe from one of his issues of Mother Earth News.  It called for vodka in the dough, something about its fast evaporation rate leaving little air pockets and thus resulting in a flakier crust.  Oooo-kaaay.  I make the dough.  I fill it with pot roast left overs, top it with crust and bake.  It comes out phenomenally.

In the face of such an overwhelminMeat Pie Baby 2g success one’s first reaction of course is to repeat the process.  So another roast was obtained, leftovers saved and another batch of vodka pie crust was made.  You know, that second pie didn’t even last as long as the first.


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3 Comments to “Did someone say pie?”

  1. I have never lived, obviously, because I have never had pot roast.

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