Did I really just say that?

by Janie Jones

Yesterday was the first chem lab of the new semester.  I wasn’t really feeling it.  It was boring.  We were heating KNO3 in distilled water until it dissolved, then taking it off the heat and waiting for the KNO3 to recrystallize before taking it’s temperature.  Then we were adding more distilled water and repeating the process.  over.  and.  over.  again.

So I was jibber-jabbering on to my younger male lab partner, saying all sorts of stupid nonsense to pass the time.  We got about 2/3rds of the way done and I looked at the clock.

Me:  Crap.  It’s already 3:30 and we still have 2 more stages in this stupid lab.

My Younger Male Lab Partner:  *Sigh*  Yuuuup.

Me:  Why don’t we put the solution in a room temperature water bath when we take it off the heat next time, maybe it will recrystallize faster.

MYMLP:  You think that would work?

Me:  It’s worth a try.  At this rate, if we don’t do something to speed things up, I’ll be old and grey before we’re done with this stupid lab.


*insert sound of crickets chirping as we eye each other over the Bunsen burner*

Me:  Did I really just say that?

MYMLP:  *attempting to look oblivious*  Mmmm.  What?

Me:  Okay.  Well, I am already grey and I’m sure you all already think I’m old so who’d know the difference?

MYMLP:  I’ll go fill up a beaker with tap water.

Me:  Good boy.

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