Birthday gifts I could live without

by Janie Jones

Thank you everyone for all the birthday cheer and good wishes you patiently bestowed while I carried on and on about my birthday last week.  I meant to torture you with one last post containing photos from the auspicious day.  Unfortunately I received a stomach flu the very next day and was nearly incapacitated.  Thankfully it was only the 24 hour variety flu, but then it was time to hurry up and throw the spud a birthday party, and now I’ve got to prepare for finals and the family “Yule party” next weekend before the spud leaves to visit her dad for the holidays.

So, I might be out of touch the next few days.  Depending on your point of view, that could be good or bad.

2 Comments to “Birthday gifts I could live without”

  1. I don’t know who gave you the stomach flu for your birthday, but I’d seriously think about their motives if I were you.

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