Tuesday Titters: Week 49, is that my birthday knocking?

by Janie Jones

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Bertha who?

Happy Bertha Day!

8 Comments to “Tuesday Titters: Week 49, is that my birthday knocking?”

  1. **groan**

    I see you have the snowflakes on your site. Down here, at the bottom of the lower forty eight, it’s 68 degrees and the high today is supposed to be around 78. It’s warmer than normal, and a little bizarre. I ran the air conditioner yesterday and expect to do the same again today.

    • We had a bit of a hot flash ourselves over the last few days. It got warm enough to melt all our snow, but just barely so no AC was needed 🙂 Us northerners however, are not happy about the melting snow, after all it really puts a crimp in the snow sports season.

  2. From my limited experience with snow, I can only think of how the nasty, slushy mess it leaves is annoying; especially if it’s just going to freeze again. I don’t find frozen muck appealing.

  3. It'[s 5th here now!

    Happy Birthday Janie 🙂


  4. Is it your birthday soon? Better check out my blog.

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