Ahhh the satisfaction of crossed out to do lists

by Janie Jones

I have been swamped with homework and other unsavory tasks the last two weeks.  Finally, however, I have finished my paper, read the last chapter for chemistry, caught up on all my homework and have just one more chapter for biology class that we won’t start discussing until the week after next.


I might now have some free time to do Christmas cards, make that replacement batch of fudge, wrap presents, and hear myself think.  That last bit may seem somewhat overrated, but is essential to coherent blogging.  Okay, who am I kidding, the funniest posts tend to be somewhat less than coherent, but when I can think clearly I tend to be less cranky.  That I think we can all agree is a good thing.

But the best part of getting caught up is that now I will be free to enjoy my birthday.  It is just 3 days away now, and although I will have to go to class, I have gotten myself so caught up that there will be no homework for me to work on when class is out.  So, you could say that’s my present to myself.



2 Comments to “Ahhh the satisfaction of crossed out to do lists”

  1. Who ARE you kidding?

    What an optimist 😀

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