Get in the Birthday groove

by Janie Jones

I have always loved my birthday.  Getting older doesn’t bother me one bit, I actually kinda like it and so I used to make a huge deal out of it replete with special traditions and revelry.

What does bother me is that, unfortunately, more years than not during the last decade or so my birthday has mostly been over shadowed by other circumstances.  2012 especially has been one tough year to be Janie Jones, but thankfully, I do have many things to be joyful and thankful for and try to be mindful of that.  Some days it’s more difficult that others, but especially at this time of year I try to remember that my friends and family are at the top of that list and having them to share my birthday and this season with makes all the difference in the world.

Recently, homework and a host of other stressors has been messing with my birthday anticipation groove.  But, knowing how I love my birthday and the celebration thereof, Leif has declared it a priority to make my celebration special this year despite circumstances.  To cheer me up he assured me that he was going to give me a two part celebration.  Part one would be a “family party” with presents and German Chocolate cake.  He even took the spud shopping to buy birthday presents and wrapped them so I wouldn’t have to buy my own and do my own wrapping this year.  Both of them have made sure to mention that they “have taken care of the birthday” with much implied “but I’m not gonna tell you what we got you”  mystery.  The second part will be deferred a bit, but will include a “grown up party” where we will go to the Big City and have dinner at the greatest Italian restaurant I know.

Thanks Leif.  You da man.

T-minus 6 days and counting.  I have to wonder what is in that big wrapped box anyway.  But, for now, back to the grind.


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