Now how’d that happen?

by Janie Jones

So while I’ve been stressing about all kinds of other life things lately a strange thing has happened.  A feeling has slipped in under the radar and taken root, and now that it’s been noticed, I’ve begun pondering upon it.  Now that I’ve pondered it a bit, I’m still somewhat shocked by what I’ve found.

I’m actually enjoying school more than anything else right now.

Even crazier, I am really liking my chemistry class best.

Now, hold on for this:

I have my next chemistry test next Thursday, and dare I speak the words, I’m actually kind of excited about that.

I know!!  Who’d have thought such a thing could be possible?  I’m either ill or hallucinating or something, because I certainly couldn’t be feeling this way for any other reason…  Could I?


That’s about all I have to say.  I’m feeling somewhat bemused by myself and can’t really figure out what all this means.  So, as tonight is Friday, and Fridays are the one night we try and do something that will promote those stereotypical feel-good family times at the Jones household, we will forget about the election, being broke, being on the brink of having no car to drive, me still having a wonky eye, the potential of being homeless the summer after next when the landlady puts my beloved house I’ve been renting up for sale, and having a saucy, insolent nearly 8 year old on my hands.  I will simply stuffy myself silly on pizza and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies while slurping Pepsi and watching movies.  For as long as the feeling lasts, I will endeavor to enjoy this moment of educational serendipity and hold on to it like a life preserver.

And continue to wonder how the Hell this happened.

Seriously.  Me.  Chemistry.  ?


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