Well, I certainly never expected this

by Janie Jones

Exactly 441 days ago I blogged about a very essential grooming accoutrement gone MIA or AWOL depending on your POV.

I turned my house upside down, inside out and interrogated all my household members to no avail.  I even blogged that I suspected myself and my manicure scissors to be the butt of a practical joke, or at least the victims of a medicine cabinet wormhole.

I begged, pleaded and prayed, but they never turned up, and for the last 441 days not one, not two, but 3 new pairs of manicure scissors purchased in hopes of finding a decent replacement pair, have left me with yucky ill manicured hands and a frustrated feeling of loss that was ever present and extremely irritating (you need to visualize that being said as John Clease would, Ear-IT-tat-ing).

Even just last week I was making up the bed and I got a wild hair to look again behind the headboard, which is a shelf connected to the bed frame, in case I had forgotten to put them away, left them on the headboard, and in the dark of night while groping for my water or my glasses knocked them off and they fell behind.  But no.  Just scary huge dog hair tumbleweeds which threatened to attack if disturbed further.

Talk about a person who just. won’t. let. it. rest.

Imagine my surprise when the other day while applying my Zombie make-up, I went all the way into the very back of the bathroom cupboard where I keep a white ceramic jar that holds my rarely used make-up brushes and tubes of make up products.  Lo and behold, but in this jar were the very missing pair of ancient and beloved manicure scissors.

One mystery solved.  But ever notice that it seems answers always lead to more questions?  How in the Sam Hill did they get THERE???  The world of Janie Jones may never know.

But yesterday I broke a nail.  I celebrated by using my newly recovered manicure scissors.  It was manicure bliss I assure you.


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