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November 1, 2012

And much fun was had by all

by Janie Jones

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Halloween revelry was much fun this year, the whole Jones household got involved.  I went as zombiefied Black Plague victim, Leif went as Cousin It, and the spud was technically Merida from the movie Brave, but I couldn’t find her a long curly red haired wig, so I told her she should just tell people she was the orphan of a plague victim.  She didn’t quite think that was as good as being Merida.

But, whatever she “went as” she definitely made out well.  Two of the biggest bread mixing bowls in the house are filled to the brim with her loot.  And, in general it was all high quality candy.  Some people were even giving out full size bars.

Alas and alack, there were no packets of Maltesers.  Somehow I’ll manage to console myself on Snickers, Twix, Almond Joy, Kit Kat….