Fall break is also good for Halloween decorating

by Janie Jones

I’m still milking the fall break topic.  It was a good long weekend, paper grading and post test anxiety aside.  So, I’d been promising the spud we’d do some Halloween decorating, and there seemed to be no better time than then.

This however, is not a decoration.

Well, this is I suppose a decoration in my blog header, but what I mean is that this is a real spider which decided the window in Leif’s “office” was a good place to hang her web.  I didn’t know spiders got this big in the Great White North.  I certainly haven’t seen one this big since I left Kansas.  You might be able to imagine why…

Anyway, the real decorations were fun to put up.  Leif and the spud made the “tombstones” from scrap wood in the garage, and then the spud and I painted them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

**Okay, I didn’t want that spider picture to show in slideshow, but I can’t seem to separate it from the slideshow with out deleting it from the media library and the whole post.  Grrr.


2 Comments to “Fall break is also good for Halloween decorating”

  1. The decorations look fantastic. The spider not so much. Satan’s foot soldiers.

  2. I don’t get all the fuss, I really don’t. Very pretty, anyway 🙂

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