Missing: One post about gravity

by Janie Jones

I recently left a comment on Sarsm’s blog in response to this post.  Then, yesterday Leif made a comment about how something was too pretty, and I said, “So, it won’t hit the ground then?”  Which went completely over his head.  I said, “What, didn’t you read my blog post today?”

He paused, looked confused and said, “Yeah.”

“Didn’t you see the part about the spud and our lesson on gravity?”

Still looking confused, “I don’t remember reading anything there about gravity.”

So, he goes back to his computer, pulls up my blog and reads it again.  “I still don’t see anything about gravity.”

“Oh,” says I, “It’s right here-”

*Pause as I look at my blog.  Insert sound of train derailing as I don’t see what I expect to see.  Briefest of additional pauses as realization hits.*

“Oh.”  I say sheepishly.  “That right.  It wasn’t a post, it was a comment I put on Sarsm’s blog.  Sorry!”

While it is rather embarrassing to admit I can’t tell my own blog from someone else’s any more, at least you all can have a laugh at my expense.  And, you’ll now be a lot less surprised if one day you find a real post of mine in your comments.

So, seeing as I thought I’d posted it, I figured I might as well actually go ahead and post it this time.

I’m sure if it weren’t for grade-schoolers us adults would bumble through life with no direction, too dumb to do anything right. I know this must be so because my own soon-to-be 8 year old is definitely the fountain of wisdom on all subjects. Such as, when discussing gravity and how it works equally on objects of different mass to make them hit the ground at the same time, she argued that this was not true at all. The reason why gravity doesn’t work this way was, “This rock is prettier than the other and I just imagined in my head that it would have to hit the ground before the uglier rock.”

A demonstration ensued that in no way resembled the logic of my spud, and yet, she proudly and emphatically waved her hands at the two rocks on the ground and said, “Ta-dah!”  It seems she was too completely caught up in her own imagination to even notice she was wrong, much less be brought to admit it.

Thank goodness she straightened me out before I take my next physics class next fall!



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