There is something wrong here in a somewhat good sort of way

by Janie Jones

So while I was frantically grading papers, my professors were also busily at work grading my midterms.

Much to my very great relief and a miracle of cosmic proportions I got a 99% on my Algebra exam.  I am not too sure how I pulled that off, but I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.  I guess I knew more than I thought, and blessedly there were hardly any fractions which is where I generally screw up.

Now my biology exam, which is my MAJOR after all, which I studied for for 3 hours, I once again, only managed an 88%.  Not a horrible grade, but I’m sure I’ll find the majority of the points were lost on that hideously ridiculous essay portion of his test.  It will be interesting to see tomorrow when we meet for class if he shares the stats on the highest grade, lowest grade and average.  I’m betting in a different world with a different professor, my B would be like an A.

Anyway, I didn’t fail, which is awesome, and I’m all caught up on my grading which is doubly awesome.  So in the long run, all is good right now in Janie’s universe.

One Comment to “There is something wrong here in a somewhat good sort of way”

  1. There’s some snarky comment to be made about a biology essay, but I just can’t seem to dredge it up.

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