A reasonable question

by Janie Jones

Yesterday Tinman read about my tea drinking dilemma and commented asking a very reasonable question:

Are there any other companies doing that flavor (I’m spelling it your way to show I’m on your side)?

You, dear readers, may not realize (or is it realise on the other side of the pond?) it, but Janie Jones does generally try to take a reasonable view of things.  I decided to answer this question in a post form instead of the comments because I thought everyone might sleep better with the answer to this question.

Yes.  There actually are a lot of different varieties of Chai flavored teas.  Even before I discovered my favorite was being discontinued I would enjoy trying a box of any new brand I encountered.  Some stores, especially in the Big City, had a lot of different varieties, and over the years I discovered some that I did, in fact, like better.  Those apparently had gold flakes as an ingredient and were bagged in $100 bills because they were insanely expensive.  So they are nice for an occasional treat, but are not affordable to swig in mass quantities on a daily basis.  Then there were some that were highly economical and tasted like they’d been composted for 25 years, allowed to partially rot, then washed, dried and bagged and sold anyway.  Oh.  Wait.  I might be confusing them with Pu-erh tea.

Anyway, the long and short of it is, there are substitutes, and I am suffering the Bieglow brand spiced chai to be my normal morning go to.  Barry’s is also more than acceptable, but Barry’s isn’t chai flavored, and neither are available locally.  I have to buy them in bulk quantities when I travel to the Big City.

So, there is still tea.  It’s not quite the same, but there is tea, so life retains some semblance of civility.

One Comment to “A reasonable question”

  1. I find something I like and then rigidly adhere to it forever. Works for me 🙂

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