Do you have the address for Tea-Drinkers Anonymous?

by Janie Jones

Back in July, Tilly Bud wrote a humorous piece (but then aren’t they all?) about her tea drinking habits.  I subscribe to the Laughing Housewife so I get an email when ever another humorous piece hits the blogosphere.  I have left the email from this notification languishing in my inbox for nigh on 3 months meaning to comment on our own Great White North tea idiosyncrasies.

I don’t precisely remember what I was going to say way back then when Tilly tickled my funny bone and got the old blog muse going.  However, I have recently had a tea disaster that brings the whole topic of tea habits to the fore again.

You see, for some 35 odd years, I loathed tea.  I loathed coffee.  I was indifferent on the topic of hot chocolate, and only on rare occasions would drink any warm liquid unless it was sporting veg and meat and noodles under the guise of soup.  Then to be polite, I acquiesced to the demand of a hostess to try a small sample of chai.  I demurred, I declined, I finally announced that I loathe tea, coffee and pretty much any hot beverage except for the occasional hot chocolate laced with Amaretto.  She still insisted, and so I took a deep breath, and chugged the tiny sample cup like it was a particularly nasty flavored cold remedy.

But, I liked it.

I did.  I liked it Sam I Am.

So from then on I would drink a variety of powdered chai beverages.  I would serve them to company and extoll their yumminess.  And, back in the day when Leif would come to visit, he would politely drink my powdered chai crap and agree.  But eventually he moved into my basement and the politeness reserved for house guest to hostess interactions wore off and he insisted I expand my tea drinking repertoire.

Fast forward to today.  While I may not be a tea expert, my palate has at last graduated to adult tea drinking status.  I have even discovered I have favorites: Lipton Spiced Chai Flavored Black Tea with other natural flavors, Tazo Chai, Bigelow Green Chai, and Bigelow Vanilla Chai.  But, slowly I have even departed from the Chai themed teas and enjoyed Vanilla Rhubarb from Ikea, and Barry’s Red Box Irish Assam.

Leif proudly looks forward to the day when I will cross over into the status of full fledged tea aficionado and turn my nose up at bagged tea, drinking only loose leaf pressed with water precisely the right number of minutes off the boil poured over the precise amount of sugar and served with only whole milk that has been stirred into the tea counter clockwise.

But, I am not there yet.

I am, however, addicted to my morning cup of Lipton Spiced Chai Flavored Black Tea with other natural flavors.  Every morning for going on 3 years now at least one cup makes its way down my gullet.  The caffeine and the spices invigorate my senses and make every morning whether miserable or not a pleasant occasion to look forward to.  It is my lazy weekend brew.  It is my o’dark thirty I don’t wanna get up and go out in the cold perk me up.  It’s a comfort and a necessity.  And, it’s all Leif’s fault.

So  now that I’m thoroughly addicted and my world will grind to a screeching halt without my morning cup of Lipton Spiced Chai Flavored Black Tea with other natural flavors, I come to the tea disaster alluded to above.

This is exhibit A:

In case you aren’t psychic, exhibit A is the last box of Lipton Spiced Chai Flavored Black Tea with other natural flavors.  And, when I say the last box, I mean it may well be the last box in the entire Great White North, possibly even the world.  Apparently, Lipton has decided not to make Lipton Spiced Chai Flavored Black Tea with other natural flavors anymore.  So I can’t just schlepp on down to the grocery and buy another 50 boxes.  I can’t even buy one.  It.  is.  the.  last.  box.

So, the moral of this story boys and girls?  You won’t understand why wars were fought over tea until you become addicted to it and they take it away.   Well, that and, reusing tea bags is not just for penny pinchers anymore.

“Leif!”  Where is a tall man when you need one?  “Leif, I need you to get that can of powdered chai down from the top shelf of the cupboard!”

“Janie, noooooooooo!”


4 Responses to “Do you have the address for Tea-Drinkers Anonymous?”

  1. Are there any other companies doing that flavor (I’m spelling it your way to show I’m on your side)?
    We had to give up Barry’s Tea in our house because they let my brother-in-law go, and we’re doing it to spite them.

  2. So sorry about your brother-in-law. That is horrible. I would show my return solidarity, in thanks for your concern over my plight and for dropping the superfluous u, but then, Barry’s is my second most favorite breakfast time tea, and I couldn’t bear to lose both in one year.

  3. Looks like I’;m not the only one who hangs on to emails forever and then forgets why.

    Honored (see what I did there?) to be mentioned. Thank yo.


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