by Janie Jones

So I just finished by Biology midterm.   And it was every bit as brutal as I expected it to be.  Including the one essay question worth 10% of the total points.

I figure I probably got a couple multiple choice questions wrong.  This guy just loves to make trick questions.  But if I even get one point on the essay I’ll be very much surprised.  I didn’t even understand the question much less be able to write a spontaneous half page essay to answer it.

You know what stinks the most?  I really feel like I learned a lot in this section and I thought I really understood the key concepts.  But this test will not show it, that’s for sure.

Crap.  So now I’m off to study for my next midterm.  Math.  It should prove just as soul crushing as the Biology midterm but I have way less confidence going into math.


3 Comments to “Whimper….”

  1. Good luck studying for your next midterm math.

  2. Best of luck with the math exam, I’m sorry about this one, but still keep your hopes up, you may have done better than you think.

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