In search of Truth in the Spam-can

by Janie Jones

Recently I posted this joke for Tuesday Titters:  Week 39.  What is Lassie’s favorite vegetable?  Collie-flower.

Little did I know that it was such a deep, thought provoking joke.   I’m sorryMolineaux70194 at truthisalive, whose comment, “Nice site but you should stand up and fight for the truth,” chastises me from the spam-can.  You are so right.  I should always fight for the truth.  So I’ll come clean.

I don’t know what Lassie’s favorite vegetable was.

There is no such vegetable, that I am aware of, that is called collie-flower.

As a joke it is weak at best and the play on words is horrible and lame.

And, while I’m dispensing truth like I’m not a politician, I’ll go so far as to admit this joke can be told in another way:  What kind of flower does Lassie like best?  Collie-flower.

But that’s not nearly as funny in my opinion.  Even I have a dumb joke threshold.  Which is another truth, albeit probably one that you all will find hardest to believe.

5 Comments to “In search of Truth in the Spam-can”

  1. I’m glad you clarified that joke. I’ll sleep better tonight.

    • Oh, good! I’m so relieved. Now if only Molineaux70194 at truthisalive could get our government officials to stand up for and tell the truth the whole country could sleep better every night.

  2. Truth is in the eye of the bee holder.

    Clever post 🙂

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