It’s the little things you take for granted

by Janie Jones

Like being able to tell an m from an n or an i from an l.

Like being able to read what is written in a pale green marker on a white dry erase board.

Like being able to see the bottom step in the dim morning light.

Like being able to tweeze your own left eyebrow.

Like being able to file your own fingernails and have them be straight and even.

Life with a wonky eye sure has it’s charms.  Leif is encouraging me to wear an eye patch.  I’ve never really been too keen on eye patches.  What do you think?  Janie the Pirate?

Just doesn’t seem like me.


4 Comments to “It’s the little things you take for granted”

  1. What’s wrong with your eye Janie? Have I missed something?

  2. In a nutshell, I have/had a type of tumor growing on my left optic nerve. It was/is causing vision problems. I got radiation treatments last summer to reduce the tumor, but my vision has gotten worse. I go for a follow up MRI in two weeks. But, if you are curious for all the gory details my long bizarre tale is chronicled along with other things in the Of Poxes and Plagues category.

  3. Janie the Pirate seems exactly like you!

    I bet you look as gorgeous as Monica Geller in Friends.

    Check these out:

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