Janie Jones, you’re the winner!

by Janie Jones

Janie Jones, you worked hard all week to catch up your school work to have a weekend of fun, play, relaxation and family picnic and bike ride in one of the few balmy fall weekends left to the Great White North.  Your fingers were itching to take photos of fall colors, your soul was eagerly anticipating sitting on a blanket in the sun, reading, eating, maybe dozing knowing you for once didn’t have to rush.

And, you won!

Your prize?

A lovely head cold.  Replete with stuffy ears, sore throat and the charming side effect of breathing like a goldfish.

Well, if one looks at it from the silver lining prospective, at least you can now be sick in bed and not worry about missing school.  And instead you can redesign your blog look to bring the fall colors to the blogosphere.

Now, go take two aspirin, a gallon of chicken soup and don’t get up until Monday.

Happy weekend to all you losers out there.


3 Comments to “Janie Jones, you’re the winner!”

  1. Nyquil, or the generic equivalent is necessary. It won’t do anything to stop the virus, but it will help keep your sinuses dry, help with congestion and the alcohol is really good for demanding your sleep is deep and healing.

    I’ll throw some bones and chant to the moon. It won’t help, but I’m always looking for excuses for Neanderthal behavior.

    One other thing: Don’t take any medication that’s for “day use”. It’s loaded with medications that I can only describe as “speed”. Not only do you feel bad, you can’t sleep and the “boinky” sensation sucks.

  2. It’s doing the rounds here. Must be one of those computer viruses 🙂

    The old ‘uns are the best ‘uns 🙂

    Feel better soon.

  3. We losers envy you. Not.
    (God, I can’t believe I just used that expression, I’m 54)
    Lovely picture at the top of the blog.

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