This one’s especially for Tilly Bud

by Janie Jones

Because I received a trackback from Tilly (is it appropriate blog etiquette to trackback someone who tracked you back?).

And, because she apparently is a fan of misspelled words, I figured I’d milk this one for all it was worth and share another misspelling story, which is probably even funnier than bisquits or chicken stripes.

Once I worked in a store that sold bedding and housewares.  Also about that time, the movie Lion King was a hot new release.  As a result, we were selling bedding other merchandise with Simbas and Nalas and Pumbas and Timones all over.  I’m sure there’s another joke in there somewhere, but I don’t have a lot of time to blog this morning….

Any way, the Retail Powers that Be sent down a message to put this stuff on sale.  So the manager dutifully made a huge sign and hung it above the display.  It read:  Sale on all Loin King merchandise.

I’d like to say the response I had was due to being a snarky butt, but I seriously didn’t get what a Loin King was, so I asked, “Hey Katie, what’s a Loin King?”

“Loin King?  What are you talking about?”

“You know, the stuff on sale.  What’s Loin King merchandise?”

“You mean the Lion King stuff?”

“No, the Loin King stuff.”

“We don’t have anything called Loin King.”

“Well, I didn’t think I’d ever heard of anything called Loin King, but that’s what the sign said.” I pointed to the sign.

“No, it says Lion King, Liii-oon King.”  As if stretching out the vowels would make it clearer to me.  “Can’t  you spell or can’t you read?”  Katie didn’t like me much.  The feeling was mutual.

“Hmn.  I’m pretty sure Lion is spelled L-I-O-N not L-O-I-N.”

“Yeah.  That’s how it’s spelled.”

“Hmn.  No, I don’t think so.”

So commenced the argument which prompted Katie to stalk off and conduct a survey of all the employees on whether she’d spelled Lion King correctly on the sign.  Such was the caliber of the staff that most had no idea it was wrong.  But eventually a customer mentioned it and it did get changed.

I didn’t last long in retail.  Apparently I can neither spell nor read.


8 Comments to “This one’s especially for Tilly Bud”

  1. The merchandising possibilities are almost mind boggling:

    “The Loin King” – risque men’s underear

    “Stir Wars” – a new line of cookware

    “Riders of the Lost Ark” – limousine service

    “2001 – A Spice Odyssey” – a restaurant that sells spicy food

  2. You were obviously a cut above your colleagues. 🙂 Unbelievable story, but I believe you.

  3. I had a teacher like that once (why have you suddenly got me reminiscing about my school days?). I used the word ‘amoral’ in an essay and he marked me down because it was not a real word. I checked the dictionary; it was, of course; but I was too scared of him to prove my point.

    Thanks for the trackback but it’s really not necessary. If it was, I’d have to do a trackback now for you; then you’d have to reciprocate; then I’d… you see where I’m going with this? 🙂

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