Inch by inch

by Janie Jones

I am getting closer to being done.

Done with grading Hell.

I’m not quite half way.  I have about 35-40 students each with 6 assignments; 2 and a half assignments graded, 3 and a half more to go.


And, what is it with students who can’t be bothered to read directions?  I think if you can’t read directions and you can’t be bothered to get help understanding them if you do and you still don’t get it, then you don’t belong in an online college course.

I seriously just read an email from a student who was all in my face about how he never read anything about how to format his assignments in the manner we required and if we meant he had to download the assignment document and type his answers in that and send it to us then he “guessed” he understood what was expected.

Um.  Yeah, that’s basically it.  Now why don’t you do it you boob?  How much easier do we need to make it?  It’s like a modern worksheet.  All that is expected of you is to add your name and fill in your work in the empty space on the page, then submit the document.  The directions are in at least two places.  Don’t blame us because you can’t be bothered to read the entire assignment instructions.  Or the comment boards which supplement your assignment documents.  Or the email we sent you last week.  Or your feedback on your other assignments which all gave you this exact same information.


I saw a certain level of stupid just going back to school.  But this just takes the cake.


4 Comments to “Inch by inch”

  1. I’m detecting a slight drop in your mood lately. 🙂

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