Just a few signs that not everyone belongs in college

by Janie Jones

The cafeteria at Local College had a special.  Apparently we were offered something called:

Bisquits and gravy.

Now my dictionary does allow that this is (was?) the Middle English version of biscuits, however, I seriously doubt the staff at the cafeteria were tipping their cap to the history of our modern language.

What is it about cafeterias and not being able to spell?  My high school cafeteria was famous for serving chicken stripes.  When you actually asked for chicken stripes the staff looked at you like you were the retard.

Oh, and I just finished grading 40 papers.  A full 50% of the students were docked 20% of their possible points for not using the template for their assignment.  Why?  I don’t know. It’s an online class and the week’s assignment was posted in the exact same place as the template.  Besides, using the template means you don’t have to look up the assignment questions in the book or type the questions.  Now, it isn’t surprising when a student would have failed the assignment regardless, but it’s really sad when an assignment that would otherwise have been an A instantly becomes a C.  Sad, sad, sad.  *Shakes head*


2 Responses to “Just a few signs that not everyone belongs in college”

  1. It was always drummed into me – answer the question that’s asked. What a shame.


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