Wanted: Pack mule, must have good temper and be potty trained

by Janie Jones

I just purchased my textbooks for fall semester.  I have just three classes this time, for which I am much relieved.  However, the lighter load academically is in no way commensurate with the load physically or economically.

3 textbooks=$459.25

(Which, by the way is 6 weeks worth of salary at my current job.  Hoo-ray for financial aid!  Ouch!  I just bit my tongue while jamming it in my cheek…)

3 textbooks= 20 pounds

(Not British monetary units, that’s weight in pounds, and is roughly equivalent to 9 kgs.)

I can only hope that my teachers don’t expect us to bring our books to class every day.  I don’t think I could handle 20 pounds of books, plus a laptop, plus other miscellaneous school supplies, plus winter parka, winter boots, lunch, purse, and any necessary materials for work.  Besides, I don’t think I could even fit all those books on my laptop/briefcase trolley.

I think the school could make real money renting pack mules.  Seriously.

Well, it will be a race to see which gives out first in my educational career, my back, my trolley, or my brain.  At least for the next two years I have office space!  Yeay!  So once I get to the campus and schlepp all my crap across the parking lot I’ll have a dedicated place to stow my things and to do my homework/job.  Previously I had to drag all my belongings with me where ever I went on campus and often had to resort to sitting on the floor to study.  While 19 year old bods might not find that so grueling, arthritic 39 year old bods tend to object.

Wish me luck, the grind resumes in one week.


3 Comments to “Wanted: Pack mule, must have good temper and be potty trained”

  1. I do wish you luck, I hope the year goes really well.

  2. I’m going to miss the Spanish…
    Lots of luck Janie- I’m sure there is not one word in those 20 lbs that I would understand

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