Nothing says welcome home like a new bike

by Janie Jones

Well, the welcome home party was a non-party, with all the guests canceling somewhat at the last minute.  However, that just gave us more time today to practice learning to ride.  And much practice will be needed before riding will happen, but with some hard work we hope to have her riding before school starts.

The spud happily greeted us yesterday at the meeting place, albeit with filthy greasy hair in desperate need of a cut, fuzzy yellow teeth, and bags under her eyes larger than her summer traveling trunk.  However, all things are easily fixed, and a few good meals and some Momma TLC and she’ll be good as new.  She also came home anxious for school to start, so today I let her “test-drive” some of the sample lessons on the website for the new online school program.  I hope the enthusiasm lasts, I had to pry her away from the lesson samples.

“Aww.  Please, Momma, let’s do one more!”

I’ll have to remember to read this post two months from now when the joy wears off and I have to wheedle and cajole to get anything done.  But for now, we’ll just enjoy the moment.


One Comment to “Nothing says welcome home like a new bike”

  1. Nothing beats Momma TLC and a new bike 🙂 Great stuff

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