The eve of a big day

by Janie Jones

Tomorrow early we leave to pick up the Spud.

I will really miss the quiet calmness of the house, but I am glad and excited that she is coming home all the same.  We have big plans.

Sunday we will have a decorate-your-own-cupcakes party with the neighbor kids, and Leif and I have bought her a brand new bicycle.  She’s had a crappy used bike I picked up a couple years ago for $5, but her enthusiasm for the new bike lasted until the training wheels broke and then that was the end of learning to ride.  Our hope is the new bike will give her some pride and enthusiasm in the project.

And, we are really going wild here.  This year we are going to do public school online at home.  I have found a school district in our state that offers a curriculum that is proctored by the parent at home and via online interactive programming.  Because it is an in-state public school all materials are provided for free.  Plus students get assigned to a certified teacher who works with them a minimum of one hour a week, but is available as often as needed to help parents and students with the curriculum.

Well, any of my dear blog friend who’ve been reading a while must have figured out by now, Janie Jones is not a woman to do things by halves.  In for a penny, in for a pound.  If I’m going to school and working as a teaching assistant I might as well home school the spud, too.  I want her to love learning but our current traditional public school educational system is causing me more stress than goodwill, and, while I can’t exactly read her mind, her behavior problems and poor performance is saying something needs to change.  Hopefully, once we get in a routine and get used to the new system, it will prove to be what we’ve always needed.

So, excitement is in the air.

Happy Friday.


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