When calling in to work dead isn’t just an excuse

by Janie Jones

Something decidedly unusual happened the other day.

Leif is looking at farm property.  (That’s not the unusual part)  There is a place he wanted to tour last Friday. Early in the week he called and made an appointment, and on Thursday evening the realtor called to confirm.  It’s a bit out in the boonies, so Friday morning we got up early, put gas in his jeep and got on the way to meet the realtor.  We arrived at the house on the property and saw no realtor.  Understanding it is out in the boonies we didn’t wonder much at first.  After about 15 minutes though, we began to get a bit miffed.  So Leif called the realtor’s cell phone.  He got the voice mail.  And, understanding it is out in the boonies, where cell phone coverage may be spotty we didn’t wonder much at not getting through, instead we reasoned with ourselves that patience was a virtue and we should aspire for being so virtuous.  30 minutes later, and still no realtor Leif called the realty office.  The realtor wasn’t there.  They assumed he was on the way, but apologized for his tardiness saying that it was very uncharacteristic of the guy. So we continued to practice our path to virtuousness.

Now for the unusual part:  45 minutes past the hour of our appointment the realty office called back and said no one had seen him all morning and, it appeared that he’d in fact never left home that morning.  They were concerned something bad may have happened and had sent police to investigate.  Our appointment would understandably need to be rescheduled.  So we came home feeling a bit awkward.  Should we be mad?  Should we feel bad?  Should we take this as some kind of sign?  Was the realtor going to turn out to be fine and there was just some misunderstanding?  Or would this be tragic?

Yesterday morning Leif had a message on his voice mail.  Apparently the poor man died of a heart attack some time Thursday night.  The realty office thanked us for having called otherwise he might not have been noticed missing for several days.


I believe that we are given Signs; whether they come from God, or some other omnipotent force, or are just a moment of clarity to read into the ways of the Universe.  If we are observant we can spot the signs and avoid poor choices or follow the most beneficial course.  But, how are we supposed to interpret this?

Is our missing our appointment what was supposed to happen so this poor man could be found promptly?  So this would be a good sign.

Or is missing our appointment what was supposed to happen so we’d focus on looking elsewhere because we aren’t supposed to be there?  So this would be a bad sign?

And, while I’m making myself sound like a complete airhead, I wonder if we should factor in the circumstance of my finding an agate in the gravel at the house while we were waiting?  Leif says I can spot an agate from a mile away in the dark under 4 feet of snow.  It’s like my super-power.  He says you can just call me Agate-girl.  Personally, I think that might be exaggerating a bit.  But, I do spot a lot of agates, even in weird places and, finding agates generally only happens when I’m having positive experiences.

What a weird post.  I tell you one thing, I won’t be joking about calling in dead for a long while.

To the friends and family of the departed realtor, our condolences; we sincerely wish he may rest in peace.


13 Comments to “When calling in to work dead isn’t just an excuse”

  1. The world is a peculiar place. Poor man; so lucky you were supposed to meet him.

  2. Ooh, goose bumps, Janie.

  3. I think things happen because of what happens before them, not after them… I think…
    Interesting post.

  4. Well. Did you like the property?

    • From the outside the house looked okay, and the front yard looked nice, but I felt it was inappropriate to wander around the property much without the realtor being there. The realty office is supposed to get back to us next week about rescheduling. We felt we should give them a little time to grieve their coworker.

  5. A friend of mine bought a house this year. The couple they bought it from have EXACTLY the same Christian names as her and her husband. She feels a little unnerved as the man (with the same name as her husband) who previously lived there had a stroke and that’s why they need to move.

    Hard choices. I would listen to my gut feeling if I was you. Good luck!

  6. I got goosebumps reading this too. The poor guy. Do you know how old he was?

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