Task Mistress Day 121: Several items checked off the list…

by Janie Jones

4 more items to check off the list!

24.  Have at least one yard sale, money tree harvests are down again this year. (June 21-23, 2012)

25.  Clean out the screen house so it can actually be used as a screen house and not a storage dump. (June 23, 2012)

39.  Clean out the craft/guest room. (July 12, 2012)

26.  Do all the mending before school starts up again in the fall.  (July 12, 2012)


These all kinda went together.  I love me a good garage sale, and we had a nice one this year, and we moved out so much stuff we decided we didn’t have enough left for a second sale this year.  Not only did we make a nice profit from old junk we didn’t want anymore, but it made cleaning out the screen house possible, because that’s generally where stuff gets dumped when it’s in our way in the house.  I was thrilled to have my screen house accessible again, but, due to other circumstances I’ve only sat in it once.  But, I love to sit out there and read, and as I am woefully behind on my plan to read a book a week, perhaps I might find some time yet.

While the garage sale got the screen house clean, it caused an even bigger mess in my craft/guest room.  There was for a while the suggestion that there might be overnight company the second weekend in July and so, it became imperative to clean out that spare room.  The overnight guests never panned out, but I did have the opportunity in my nice clean craft room to catch up on my mending (oh, so that’s where that pajama top went…)  and even made a few bracelets with matching earrings and mend a necklace I made years ago.  Just enough anyway to re-whet my appetite for jewelry making which I haven’t done in ages. Getting the jewelry making bug back is dangerous.  Luckily I have no convenient place to buy supplies in my home town and no real cash with which to buy them.  Back in the day when I had access to lots of good stores and the fool hardy idea I could make money working from home with a eBay and craft fair business I bought lots of supplies and made lots of pretty things.  Many of which are still sitting in boxes in my craft room 6 years later.  However, I did finally sell a necklace at my garage sale, so I guess it wasn’t all for nothing.

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