Janie Jones, today is the first day of the rest of your life

by Janie Jones

Today I have a “Certificate of Merit and Appreciation” for completion of treatment wherein I am commended for exhibiting the “highest degree of courage, determination and good nature.”

Today I didn’t have to get up early and drive into the Big City for my treatment.

Today I didn’t have to worry about gas money to get there.

Today I didn’t set the alarm.

This morning it was cool with a light rain, poetically perfect as if ordered to wash away the stress of the last 6 weeks.

Today I am looking forward to some real rest and relaxation instead of stolen moments here and there.

Today I am ready to resume my real life.

Today I have a job I like, even if it pays a pittance, it is a good job and I am not on Unemployment anymore.

Today I calculated my budget through August and we will not get our power shut off, we will have food to eat, and I have a payment arrangement with the radiation clinic.

Today there is the possibility that Leif might actually get his farm and we might have a place to live that is our own.

Today I am looking forward to school.

Today I miss my spud.

Today I feel I’ve made it out of the woods:

Then again, maybe the aliens flipped some switch in my brain and all this is meaningless, and in a minute I’ll step off the curb and remember none of it.  But if I write it here, then it will retain some reality for ever.

Happy Friday.  May you find a moment of perfect clarity, fresh beginnings and dream realization that has nothing to do with aliens but your own hard work and inner strength.


4 Comments to “Janie Jones, today is the first day of the rest of your life”

  1. Janie Jones, you’re going to make me cry again. This is perfect.

  2. Some posts just make you happy, optimistic and give the realization things have a way of working out for the good. This is one and I hope your special moment lasts for a long, long time.

  3. This is lovely, Janie, full of hope and optimism, and you deserve all of it.
    Tin x

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