“I don’t think my palate is refined enough to eat here.”

by Janie Jones

Seriously, I spoke these words just about 6 hours ago.

My new boss took me to her favorite restaurant.  I couldn’t pronounce half of the items on the menu, and despite being a glutton for Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef episodes, I had no idea what 90% of the ingredients listed in their menu items really were.

For the record, a tomato sandwich with fresh mozzarella is not as safe a bet as you might think it to be.

The best thing about this place was the view, which was lovely and we were seated at a large picture window to fully appreciate the waterfront below the expansive garden, and the dessert, which contained all things I recognized:  Blackberries and a creamy cheese tart.  It was worth suffering with a smile through all the rest of the meal.

Now I just wish the meal would leave me in peace.  It was bad enough tasting it the first time, but burping it back up for 6 hours is getting tiresome.  Why can’t I burp up the deliciousness of dessert instead?


One Comment to ““I don’t think my palate is refined enough to eat here.””

  1. If you sprinkle some garlic powder on your dessert, the chances of enjoying it once again are greatly increased.

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