Which reminds me…

by Janie Jones

My earlier post about things that don’t belong in your washcloth generated a comment from Jess and a visit to his digs, at Scratching to Escape,  got me thinking.  Well, that and the fact that I just finished brushing my teeth.  If I got freaked out by finding bugs in unexpected places, surely the one that would have most scarred me for life was the time many many years ago when I was brushing my teeth and leaned over to rinse directly out of the faucet without checking first.

Unbeknownst to me, there was an extremely creepy looking hairy spider of fair size lurking behind the faucet as without my glasses I couldn’t see it.  I imagine it was just as freaked out by my foamy toothpaste covered mouth as I was of its 8 legged bleckiness.  I finally saw the brownish blur as it raced up the gooseneck of the faucet while my lips were still mere centimeters from it’s fleeing form.

You know, it is pretty funny when you think about how hard it is to scream with a mouth full of toothpaste and water.  I’m lucky I didn’t choke to death.  However, since then I always brush teeth with either my contacts or my glasses on, and I now realize that even all these years later I still scope out the sink and faucet before I brush.

2 Comments to “Which reminds me…”

  1. What does “grody to the max mean”? Though I can kind of guess.

    • Circa 1980’s there was the whole “Valley Girl” thing in the States. When something was totally disgusting beyond compare, a stereotypical “dumb blonde” from the Los Angeles Valley would say in an strangely affected accent, “Oh, totally grody to the max!” It’s a bit of American culture I guess.

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