Things that don’t belong in your washcloth…

by Janie Jones

I might have regaled you with photos of these little monsters before.  However, I felt compelled to share once more.  I unluckily found this in my washcloth the other morning.  I was half blind, soaking wet, and half asleep when I reached for my washcloth.  I opened it out flat in my hand to lather it up with soap and what to my blurred, groggy eyes did appear but nothing short of a horror movie monster.  I some how managed not to scream, but I did fling that washcloth across the shower as if it were on fire.  After I came to my senses, I managed to smash it flat with a shampoo bottle.  I mean, I couldn’t very well go about my shower with the possibility of that thing swimming through the run off in the bottom of the tub to pinch me on my toesies.


4 Responses to “Things that don’t belong in your washcloth…”

  1. An earwig. They like moist locations, like bathrooms and damp washcloths.

    I’m betting you’ll never use a washcloth again without a careful inspection….I know I will.

    • You would think I’d have learned my lesson once having found a cockroach in my towel. However, that was in the Wichita, Kansas days, and I do my best to blot them from memory. In the Great White North bugs indoors are seldom an issue. Which is as it should be in my opinion.


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